How To Know Your Scent

Know Your Scent

Headache-inducing is quite literally the best way to describe perfume shopping. However, finding a signature scent does not have to be as complicated as you think it is. Summarised in this post are some tips from expert scent sommelier on choosing a signature scent that works for both your personal scent preference and your body’s chemistry.


Steve Johnson, a Scent Sommelier at Scentbird, stated that one of the most important steps in finding your signature scent is to smell everything. According to Steve, the more perfumes you smell, the more drawn you will be to certain styles – even colognes for women or floral perfumes for men. “Let your sense of smell be as curious as possible,” he says.

Remember the smells you already love

“Think about the smells you already love.”

Another key factor in finding your signature scent is to keep in mind the scents that you already love. If you love the smell of fresh bakery items, look for perfumers with similar notes such as caramel or chocolate. If you love the scent from a neighbour’s garden, look for scents of geranium, galbanum, ‘grassy notes’ and floral perfumes.

#TIP: Write down a list of the scents you already love, or the scents you discovered while smelling different perfumes, before shopping for a signature scent.

Ponder on your hobbies

Considering your hobbies is one of the easiest ways to find out the smells you already love. Use your hobbies and interests to pull you into the world of fragrance. For instance, if you love to cook, maybe spicy notes will draw you in.

Don’t mind the harmful ingredients

The last thing to worry about when shopping for fragrances is harmful ingredients because believe it or not, no ingredients in perfume are harmful. In fact, there is a special regulatory agency called the IFRA that “intentionally monitors just this kind of thing, and also makes it hard on perfumers to come up with alternatives to natural ingredients like oak moss and musk,” according to Johnson.

All about temperature

Temperature matters. While shopping for (and wearing) a signature scent, keep in mind that the warmer it is, the faster your scent evaporates and the stronger it may smell.As stated by Johnson, the heat from your pulse and skin surface will agitate the aroma chemicals a lot faster into scented motion than a blast of cold winter air will.

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